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In Switzerland
In Sweden

May to October

Join us in St-Cergue, on the site of the Team Nature chalet.

By car : reach the parking lot of the Barillette refuge (see map), then walk 300m, following the "Team Nature" signs.

By train : get off at the "Les Pralies" stop, cross the route de France and turn left to join the route de la Beurrière, which you descend to the route du Télésiège. Turn right and follow the chairlift route to the parking lot of the Barillette refuge, then walk 300m following the "Team Nature" signs.

November to April

Join us in Drevdagen, in the Idre region of Dalarna in Sweden.

Please note that a private vehicle is required to reach the site

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it is!

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it is!

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