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My Activities

Dog Education Courses

Group lessons

Group lessons ( max 4 dogs )

CHF 30.- /hour

Private lessons

Private lessons

CHF 50.- /hour

Summer Activities in Switzerland

Cani - Rando

A walk like no other :​
Each participant is equipped with a belt and a leash connected to a dog which pulls it, during a sports walk accompanied by a guide

CHF 20.- to 100.- /pers

Visit of the Pack

Welcome to the middle of my Siberian Huskies Pack. You will discover primitive dogs which may surprise you ...

CHF 10.- /pers

Pack Duo Discovery

Cani-rando + visit of the pack

A walk with a dog combined with a visit of the pack

CHF 20.- to 70.- /pers

Winter Activities in Sweden

Log cabin for rent

Want a change of scenery?
or simply to taste the active joys of the Swedish winter??

We offer you to disconnect and get back to basics,
the time of a stay in a log cabin ....

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Activité été
Activité hiver
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