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Who am I?


Née dans le canton de Fribourg (CH) en 1967, j'y ai passé mon enfance en compagnie d'un caniche. Puis à 19 ans, après ma formation de laborantine, j'ai enfin pu acquérir ma 1ère voiture et mon 1er chien, l'un n'étant pas envisageable sans l'autre selon mes critères. C'est ainsi que Sheba, femelle berger allemand, est entrée dans ma vie afin de réaliser mon rêve : avoir un chien d'avalanche. Dès lors, j'avais posé un 1er pied dans le monde de la cynologie.

En 1989, l'arrivée de mon 1er Siberian Husky a définitivement ancré mes 2 pieds dans le monde des chiens :

ma passion pour le Siberian Husky était née

elle sera mon école de vie

m'obligera à me remettre en question

à avancer en m'améliorant

et à découvrir mon essentiel :

le respect des espèces et de la nature


  • 2023 - Construction and inauguration of the log cabin in Drevdagen in Sweden, broadcasting of episodes of "l'Appel de la Forêt" by Thomas Queille on RTS

  • 2022 - Acquisition of Howling Timber's Petite Tala, Birth of my 7th litter of which I keep 2 puppies: Peïko and Papoose, participation in the filming of "L'Appel de la Forêt"

  • 2021 - Acquisition of Back to Basics Original Grizzly

  • 2020 - Birth of my 6th litter: Norway, Nayak, Neva, Nikitita

  • 2019 - Nomination of honorary member of the Swiss Nordic Dog Club, Acquisition of Cooper of Arctic Silence

  • 2018 - Meeting with Emily Wulf, creator of the website

  • 2017 - Birth of my 5th litter of which I keep 3 puppies: Kimi, Kayak and Kodiak, participation in the filming of "Gens d'Hiver"

  • 2016 - Acquisition of Chinook av Vargevass

  • 2015 - Participation in Karsten Grönas' seminar on “Long distance training and racing with Siberian Huskies”

  • 2014 - Birth of my 4th litter of which I keep 2 puppies: Hapache and H-Timber, Acquisition of Tulak av Vargevass, Participation in the seminar of Karsten Grönas on "The Siberian Husky, standard and working dog", Resumption of the activities of Team Nature by PPPRando

  • 2013 - Purchase of the Drevdagen hut in Sweden

  • 2012 - Acquisition of Finnmark of Arctic Silence, Anvik Speed Femund, and Crazy Speed Kennel Finaskan

  • 2011 - Election to the function of breeding supervisor of the CSCN / SKNH for the breed of Siberian husky

  • 2010 - Birth of my 3rd litter, of which I keep 2 puppies: Dmontana-Fjäll and Denali

  • 2009 - Acquisition of RSKK Okschi and Polar Speed Immel, Creation of the Team Nature association, development of tourist activities with sled dogs on the Team Nature chalet site, Coaching training in canine behavior by Joel Dehasse

  • 2008 - Creation of my tourist structure PPPRando in St-Cergue, Obtaining of my canine trainer certificate MEC and MCJC from the SCS

  • 2007 - 1st winter spent in Sweden, participation in Polar Distans, Acquisition of RSKK Mapaluk

  • 2006 - Stay of 7 weeks in Sweden, love at first sight for the North… Acquisition of Beaver and Björn, 2 males born in Sweden

  • 2005 - Participation in my 1st ski-jöring race in Saignelégier

  • 2004 - Acquisition of Polar Speed Sakowin from Reijo Jääskelainen's kennel in Finland, Birth of my 2nd litter, of which I keep 2 puppies: Timi and Takoma

  • 2003 - Birth of the 1st litter of my North Pack kennel

  • 2002 - Acquisition of RSKK Giwani and RSKK Hawak

  • 2001 - Acquisition of RSKK Fjord

  • 2000 - Acquisition from RSKK Djessi of Gert Sandweg's kennel in Germany

  • 1999 - Purchase of the house in St-Cergue (CH)

  • 1998 - Acquisition of Oonalik

  • 1997 - Relocation to CH, Birth of my 2nd son, Dan

  • 1996 - Birth of my son Morgan

  • 1995 - Participation in the 1st Trans-Thüringia, Distance race in Germany

  • 1994 - Participation in my first Medium Distance race at the Oberhof EC in Germany

  • 1993 - Participation in the FISTC World Sprint Championship in Seckau, Austria, then move to Germany where I discovered distance mushing, acquisition of Amarok

  • 1992 - 1st participation in sprint sled races

  • 1991 - Gkuma, Gywer and Greenland enlarge the pack

  • 1990 - Construction of my first wooden sled, acquisition of Fourouk

  • 1989 - Acquisition of Naslo, male German Shepherd and Easton, my 1st Siberian husky; creation of the Swiss Musher Club with friends, membership of the Swiss Club of Nordic Dogs

  • 1987 - Education course with Sheba for the sanitary class

  • 1986 - Acquisition of Sheba, my 1st dog, a female German Shepherd

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