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Winter Activities

in Sweden

Visit of the Pack

CHF 10.- /pers.

What is a Pack of dogs?

A pack is a group of dogs, but according to my definition, for a group of dogs to be considered a pack, they must all live together permanently. This results in an internal hierarchy which governs the functioning of the group.

Interested ?

I invite you to come and meet these primitive dogs whose kindness may surprise you. You will learn the basics of canine communication, the needs of Nordic dogs and their hierarchy whilst sharing great time with them.

Duration : 1 hour

Price : CHF 10.- / pers, min 3 people

Reservation required

Drive your own dog sled

CHF 100.- to 160.- /person

Discovering sled dogs is nice, learning to drive your own sled is an even greater experience !
The initiation begins with explanations on how to drive your sled and how to take care of the dogs. After that, you learn how to prepare the lines, to put on the harnesses, ... And then, we are ready to go ! ...

(Min. age for driving a team: 14 years old, max 2 people)

Price :
1.5 hours CHF 120 .- / person SEK 1000 .- / person
3 hours CHF 160 .- / person SEK 1400 .- / person

Reservation required

Snowshoes Ride with a dog

CHF 50.- to 130.- /person

​The Siberian husky is a sled dog.
And sled dogs are born to pull ! We don't even need to teach them, their "Will to go" and their need to work are innate! Want to try !? .... Then let's go for a sporty ride!

Minimum age: 10-12 years old
Required equipment : good, warm, walking shoes for snow, clothing suitable for snow sports, gloves and hat
Equipment provided: snowshoes, belt, leash and dog with harness

Prices :
1.5 hours CHF 50 .- / person SEK 450 .- / person
3 hours CHF 80 .- / person SEK 700 .- / person
1 day CHF 130 .- / person SEK 1200 .- / person (Meal included)

Reservation required

Dog sled Ride

CHF 60.- to 100.- /person

​Discovering sled dogs is nice, enjoying dog sledding is better!
During the sled ride, you sit on reindeer skins in a sled led by a guide

(max 2 pers/sled)

Rate :
5 km Ride (approx 30 min.) CHF 60.- / child SEK 450 .- / child (from 4 years old)
CHF 100.- / adult SEK 900 .- / adult (from 14 years old)

Reservation required

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