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Winter Activities

in Sweden

musher course

PPPRando offers a 10-part musher training course. The courses take place in St-Cergue between May and October, based on the following concept:

Many of you dream of driving a sled pulled by Siberian huskies. But do dogs dream of pulling a sled driven by a stranger?
My dogs have been bred according to their needs while remaining part of the family. They'll give you a thrill if you're prepared to share yours by becoming part of the pack. This involves a gradual training program that begins in the summer in Switzerland with meeting the dogs, learning the dog language, how a hierarchical pack works, creating a bond with each dog, and managing the dogs in activity (cani-rando - bivouac with the dogs - cani-trottinette - harnessing and kart driving).
If by any chance you are prepared to spend a week in Sweden in winter (November to April), you will then be able to enjoy free days with my sled dogs including mushing your own team: an unforgettable experience!

For more information, don't hesitate to contact me by e-mail

Package price for the 10-day course: CHF 980.00

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